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What is Crossroads Christmas Kindness? It is a time for us to come together and love on our neighbors by giving them a holiday gift that reminds them that we love them and care for them and ultimately that Christ died for them!

Please be in prayer over these gifts and our local community. Please pray that The Lord will use this as an opportunity for Gospel conversations and as an open door for our community to join us this Christmas season to learn more about what Jesus came to earth for.


What is included in the gift?

Please choose one from each of the following categories for your bag!

Household item: candle, kitchen towels, hand soap, tools


Food item: gift set, popcorn, cookies, cocoa, peppermint candy


Christmas item: wrapping paper/tape, decoration, ornament, nativity, wreath.

We are also asking you to turn in $5 with your gift so that we can purchase a Christmas tract and a Crossroads branded gift.We have bags at the Welcome Center foyer if you prefer to pick up a bag to stuff your items into! 


We will be holding ingathering for these items on November 28th. However, you’re welcome to begin now dropping these items off at the church office or during church times! We also plan to have a “Stuffing Party” on December 1st if you prefer to buy several items of each category and bring those to the church for us to put into bags.


The plan is to deliver these items in our neighborhood on the afternoon of December 5th. 

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